Charlene Sigamoney

Choosing to start my CTA journey with CA Campus was one of the best decisions I made. The lecturers kept me accountable and motivated. The comprehensive notes and exam techniques which I learned helped me to trust in the work I did and not feel overwhelmed when it came to tests and exams.

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Caitlynn Kuppan

After taking a year off from my studies at a traditional university I decided to switch to Unisa to complete my CTA. I began asking people about their study methods and self-study tips. While researching I came across CA Campus. Upfront, I was impressed by the quality of their brand and I decided to sign up for the online lectures. Yet, I was still scared that I may not be able to adapt to the CA Campus method of teaching. Thankfully, I soon realized that CA Campus was the best decision that I could ever have made. The lecturers are all brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed management accounting and tax. For the first time, I really understood what I was doing and it felt awesome. Although, CTA still requires tons of individual hard work, I am so grateful that I was able to use the CA Campus programme to assist me in successfully completing my CTA.

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Tinotenda Barwe

I had a full-time job and was doing CTA for the first time coming from undergraduate. No matter how intelligent you are, with CTA you need guidance and to be disciplined. CA Campus provides you with support and a recommended study approach. CA Campus equips you with the right tools to pass. I am proud to say, l was number 4 in the CTA Class of 2018, had 2 distinctions for Mac & Tax and l was also the best Tax student. I highly recommend CA Campus

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Larissa Deonarain

As a repeat student, my biggest struggle was the mental battle of overcoming the fear of failing again. Under the expert tutorship of Sara and Roulon, I passed CTA without any supplementary exams. Roulon breaks down the Tax principles to the simplest level of understanding possible. Sara is the God of Mac. I could vividly remember her words as I was writing my Mac tests and exams. Even though lectures are done online, Sara and Roulon’s ability to capture your attention is second to none. Despite the lengthy lecture videos, you’re able to concentrate and give off your best due to the excellent quality of the concise content provided. Joining CA campus was one of the best decisions I made for my academic career, and I hope you make the same decision too.

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Zandile Nkambule

Phew! Where do I start? I think I’m too smitten about CA Campus that I may be out of befitting words to express how exciting this learning solution is. These guys are so amazing! For 2 years I had been battling with CTA on my own and the results always came back negative. I was about to throw in the towel. When I heard about these CTA masterminds I didn’t waste time and decided to give it a go. To cut a long and exciting story short, today I’m proud to say that I eventually conquered CTA and all credit goes to CA Campus…and, of course, God. The online classes are so perfect and easy to follow. Another thing I liked about them is that the lecturers are clearly not out there just to tick the box. They really walk the journey with you, ‘hand-in-hand’.  Moreover, they are quick to detect when the going gets tough. They have a rare skill of picking you up emotionally. For the first time in a long time I wasn’t stressed during preparations for the exams. All you need to do is study consistently. I passed the exams despite having very limited leave days at work. I’m so over the moon. My dream is finally coming true – thanks to CA Campus.

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Ndatega J Akweenda

I was terrified of doing CTA. I heard about CA campus in February and it was the best choice ever.


I fell in love with all of the subjects. At first I had difficulty mastering exam technique but the lectures helped me through this and made the CTA journey easier. Throughout the year I saw my marks improve significantly from getting 28% in financial accounting to 68% in the next test. Tax shot up from 57% to 83%. Management accounting and auditing were consistent passes throughout the year.


CA Campus not only helped me pass CTA but also equipped me with valuable study techniques.

I never would have passed CTA level 2 on my first attempt had it not been for the amazing CA campus team.

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Keanu Joaquim

Thank you for giving me the opportunity and believing in me. I definitely would not have been able to come Top 20 without CA Campus.

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Gomotsegang Rapoo

I have been in this CTA journey for 7 years. 2 BCTA attempts at UJ, 2 CTA attempts at UJ and 3 CTA attempts at Unisa. I finally decided to register with CA Campus on my final attempt. That is when I realised that my foundation was not a solid one. CA Campus fixed that for me. Never have I ever passed auditing & management accounting on my own until I met CA Campus.

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Zintle Mqunyana

I would like to say thank you to everyone at CA Campus for granting me such an opportunity. I could not be more proud. 2018 has been one year where I have shocked myself. I am still in disbelief that I passed. I am so thankful that you chose me because I would not have passed without your help. Thank you so much I will definitely raise the CA Campus flag very high.

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Sarah Murray

I joined CA Campus at the start of the 2018 year for all 5 CTA level 2 modules. CA Campus provides the structure and “game plan” necessary to tackle this mountain called CTA. The support system offered by all the lecturers at CA Campus is incredible and you can trust that these lecturers really believe in you and want you to succeed. Coming straight from undergrad there were concepts I had just simply learnt and had zero understanding of. However, throughout my year at CA Campus I came to fully understand these topics. I have to also commend the company from a technological point of view, the website is user friendly (I might add that I am by no means a technology guru), there were hardly any technological issues and if there were, CA Campus was on the ball communicating with us via email and it was resolved timeously.

I am happy and extremely proud to say that CTA level 2 is not only done and dusted, but I also placed in the top 20 UNISA students for the course this year. I am so glad that I chose CA Campus and it goes beyond just passing CTA, I feel like a more competent employee as I now fully understand so many principles.

Thank you so so much.

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Nicole Coetzee

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to CA Campus.

I studied full time at NWU for four years. Last year I attempted CTA at NWU for the first time. Unfortunately, I did not make it.

I decided to start with my training contract this year and at the same time attempt CTA again through Unisa. A huge group of colleagues at my employer praised CA Campus and recommended it wholeheartedly.

However, the ‘proof is in the pudding’ and I can say with great gratitude that I passed CTA this year. Even though I attempted CTA last year at an excellent university I can say with all honesty that CA Campus made a world of difference.

Please don’t ever stop doing what you are doing. May you grow from strength to strength so that you can give wings to the dreams of many more students.

If I can describe my year in a few words it would be: prayers and CA Campus. Thank you; you had a great stake in my success.

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Kate Amy Jackson

The CA Campus programme is designed in such a way that it pushes you to work hard and to be accountable for your progress on a daily basis. They start from scratch, so anything you may not have grasped correctly during undergrad you have the opportunity to learn as if for the first time.

Bianca’s approach to IRFS and Groups is first to work through the standard and explain each part, then by doing examples, you link the standard in practice. Bianca goes the extra mile with creating a revision sheet and lecture video for those students who do not require an in depth lecture from scratch on a specific concept, this also came in handy during revision time.

Roulon, the ultimate tax machine, makes tax fun and keeps you on your toes with a random joke here and there, which forced me to pause the video to laugh, but made the rest of the video so enjoyable and positive, while making things easy to understand and remember. After he has worked through the intricate details of a certain topic, he also offers a generous amount of examples for you to truly get the hang of any calculation.

Candice makes auditing understandable with her flow of the study material, and assists you with highlighting each standard correctly. It makes it simpler to see auditing in the bigger picture, and her practice questions make you feel more confident when approaching a Unisa question.

Sara is the queen of management accounting! I hated this module during my undergrad and Sara turned this into my favourite module in CTA. She has a way of explaining the subject that really makes it so much easier to comprehend. With management accounting being the only module without books to take into the tests/exams, you really do appreciate the way she teaches, as she shows you that most of the subject is simply logical.

Each week, after the actual theory has been covered in detail, tutorial questions are provided in order to face a test/exam scenario in isolation with regards to that topic. You have the opportunity to attempt the question under exam conditions and are able to mark yourself and watch where you went wrong with the solution video.

The quality of not only the lecture material and recorded videos, but also their dedication to their students, is unsurpassable.

I loved my year with CA Campus and would recommend them to all CTA students. #passedfirstattempt

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Nicholas Pasifakis

When I registered for CTA Level 2 with UNISA I had a big decision to make – whether or not to register with a Unisa support provider and if so, which one. A friend of mine who passed CTA recommended CA Campus. Truthfully it was the best decision that I made to register with them. I managed to pass CTA Level 2 on my first attempt. This would not have been possible without CA Campus. The videos make it so convenient for a student. Each lecturer has had every one of their students’ backs throughout the whole year. They’ve been there, done it and got the t-shirt. From first class lectures and quality study material to advice, endless support and encouragement, they are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we pass. The amount of work they put in for us in unimaginable. CA Campus doesn’t only prepare you for CTA but also for ITC.

Yes this was the most difficult year of my life but it is doable if you make the necessary sacrifices, put in the hard work, be disciplined, have the right attitude and trust your lectures. Rather listen to them than other students. By trusting the CA Campus approach was a huge reason as to why I managed to pass. I never knew how important exam technique was before this year, something emphasized over and over by our lecturers. It’s not about doing a million past papers, it is about understanding principals then being able to apply those principals which is focused on thoroughly by CA Campus. My goal in the beginning of the year was to pass my CTA Level 2 and it was achieved. Thank you CA Campus for making my dreams come true.

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Izel Snyman

In my first year attempting CTA, I took classes where we only went through questions and we never learned the principles. I failed that year……

On my second attempt I decided to enrol with CA Campus because the lectures were online and I could study anytime during the day. But the best is that you don’t have to first summarise your textbook and then start studying. Everything is done for you. Especially managerial accounting, who wants to summarise Drury? The principles are explained and you understand the work. I did not pass the 2nd year and it was my own fault as I did not attempt questions. I failed auditing and consolidations with only 10 – 12 marks, really not a lot, but you need to stick to the CA Campus programme if you want to be successful in CTA.

By the 3rd year I was demotivated as it was my last attempt. I registered with CA Campus again. I watched the lecture videos and attempted the tutorial questions and I passed CTA! Not with 50s but much better marks. And today, I can thank CA Campus for my CTA. CA Campus is really the best!

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Innocent Gatsi

I am very happy that CTA is done and dusted and that l will be able to write SAICA’s ITC next month.

I do believe the CA Campus programme could help other students immensely.

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Fortune Khali

I have only been with CA Campus for 6 weeks (Revision Course) and I do not regret joining the family, my only regret is not joining earlier. The lecturers are brilliant, since starting CTA at the beginning of the year I have been studying day in and day out but I never fully grasped the concepts and basics. The CA Campus lectures focus on understanding – that to me is the recipe to success. I would not have survived the exams without their guidance.

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Fathima Gori

You go on CTA forums and groups and a lot of people recommend the MAC4861/2 course by CA Campus but only when you part of this class with Sara do you understand how lucky you are to be taught by her. There were times when I wanted to cry or phone a friend or even Sara and tell them how much I struggled with a particular concept and how it now all makes senses.  Registering for the MAC4862 course was the best decision I made for my CTA level 2 studies. Had I known how crucial it is to have extra support classes I would have taken it from the beginning of my CTA journey.

Sara is a lecturer such that I cannot describe. Her lectures and tutorials were so comprehensive and understandable. She broke down concepts really well. I found that with this course you could follow the weekly lectures and go back and work at your own pace with the sections that you struggled with. I liked the fact that when I was traveling I didn’t need to carry many textbooks to study—I chose MAC for that time and all I needed was my laptop, printouts and stationery.

I didn’t personally meet or even telephonically interact with Sara and it wasn’t necessary. It’s just knowing that through your computer screen there is someone preparing you and rooting for you wholeheartedly throughout the year.

Right now, as I write this testimonial I don’t know the outcome of my success with CTA but I can assure that you will gain much more from this course than you anticipated when you started. Don’t underestimate how fast the year can go by before you write the final exam – you need all the preparation because the exams test your knowledge on everything.

Thank you, Sara and CA Campus, for a well-structured online programme.

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Zandile Luwaca

I don’t think I would have passed CTA without your support.

I was doing CTA for the second time and my biggest fear was failing again.

CA Campus made it all easier as my work was broken into smaller chunks, thoroughly explained and there was no pressure of mock tests but the best preparation for Unisa tests and exams.

CA Campus lecturers, you are really awesome because your collective effort made my CTA doable and the work understandable and the journey bearable. You are also very professional.

I really think the CA Campus is a totally perfect programme and Unisa should incorporate you in their CTA programme and cater for all their students. Not only will the pass rate change but students will actually understand their work.

My next step is ITC and I look forward to it and a trainee accountant at Deloitte Pretoria.

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Leona SM Dukada

I remember visiting CA campus webpage in January; they were offering free first lecturers and I decided to try them out! At that time all I believed was that MAC is Greek, that it was difficult and that I needed a miracle to pass this subject. I was just not getting it, I even called it “The Mighty Manac”. So I enrolled for those free first lectures and lo and behold, when I heard Sara unpacking the most basic principles of costing, which I overlooked, I said to myself “This woman, her technique and thoroughness is what will make me pass MAC”. I then decided there and then that I’m enrolling with CA campus for MAC and Tax for the year.

Roulon made me look at the Tax legislation differently, there were a little things I took for granted, such as how to understand the arrangement of all the sections of the tax legislation and how to interpret them. I was like “Wow this guy!!!”

Test 1 came back as an “almost pass” but I knew I was on the right track, I got 48% for MAC and 43% for Tax. Test 2 came back as a pass. Then came Finance season in MAC and I passed. I fell in love with MAC, I qualified for exams already by Test 3 on both subjects and lo and behold again, here I stand with a pass for both MAC and Tax! I’m so so grateful to CA campus!!! You guys are out of this world!! The mentorship programme they offered was a cherry on top, you could literally talk to them about your weaknesses, your strengths and they always frankly advised on where to improve. The mentorship programme added a personal touch to the whole online programme and it’s brilliant!

I have recommended CA campus to my friends and colleagues who are also on the CA(SA) journey, this team of experts is amazing!!!

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Rudzani Nkhumeleni

I joined CA campus in 2017 after failing my CTA level 2 in 2016.

What I loved about CA campus is that each week you are provided with notes plus questions to work through. Taking into account that I am a wife and a mother of three kids, the CA campus online programme was what I needed to be able to manage my hectic schedule.

Before I Joined CA campus, I must admit that I never liked Management Accounting. But after watching the online programme during my first two weeks in addition to the well summarized notes, I fell in love with Management Accounting and the other courses as well, but MAC was my favourite subject.

In addition, the Mentorship programme also helped me to overcome CTA because I knew that I had a mentor (Sara) whom I could always talk to regarding my frustrations and fears. The fact that she had walked through the same journey before and understood my fears helped me a lot.

Today, by the grace of God and the guidance from CA Campus, I managed to pass my CTA level 2. I am over the moon and I am grateful that I chose CA campus.

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Lebo Makobela

I don’t think I can ever say thank you enough for the wonderful assistance that I received from the lecturers at CA Campus.

My first attempt at CTA I failed MAC(34%), TAX(47%) and FAC4(37%). I had taken the advice of fellow students to just do questions, questions and more questions and learn the theory from them.

What I noticed though was that as many questions as I would do with each question a new principle was tested or rather a question was structured differently to what I had seen before and I wouldn’t know how to answer it.

So having noticed that my method of studying was missing something, I registered with CA Campus and what an investment that has been. The lecturers focused on “principles”, “theory” and “rules” and once I focused less on doing a million and one questions and focused on this I saw a major improvement in my marks.

I was more confident in attempting questions. I wasn’t thrown off by questions structured differently to the “norm” because if I stuck to the principles, rules and theory I was sure to always pass a question. I learnt valuable exam technique tips from the tutorials and past tests and exam papers they go through.

Thanks to CA Campus my lowest CTA final mark is 53% and highest 66%.

Not only are the lecturers there to lecture but they are there to hear out your frustrations and are very compassionate and understanding of the journey we are on. They offer mentorship and guidance and I know that the investment I made by taking their classes has set me up for ITC.

Thank you again Sara, Bianca, Roulon and Candice.


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Sedzani Tshirangwana

When I passed CTA Level 1 I was over the moon in 2014. I then tried to register for CTA Level 2 and could not register as I missed the date due to the supplementary I had. When I went to the dean and professor they refused and said registration had passed.

I then took a gap year which I used to revise all material covered in CTA Level 1. In 2016 I then managed to register and I studied on my own. I wrote the exams, passed four modules and got a supplementary for MAC. That’s when I knew I needed help and spoke to a friend about it who referred me to CA Campus. I immediately registered after I had failed Test 1 dismally for all subjects even those that I had passed previously. After registering and following the CA Campus programme, I passed some of the Test 2 modules. I remember after writing Test 2, I emailed Bianca and she managed to calm me down. She then gave me a strategy, which was to focus on my weak subjects. When the Test 3 results came out I got the shock of my life; I got 70% for MAC with 60% for both FAC3 and 4. I had qualified for the final exam! CA Campus is amazing. I received support from Bianca who was my mentor. She was available throughout the year on email. The best thing I liked about CA Campus was that I was able to watch the videos again and again until I understood the topics. I was also able to watch the videos from anywhere which was convenient as I travelled a lot. The videos opened my mind to thinking and eyes to things which I thought I understood whereas I did not. Auditing and Tax were by far the best exam results between 65-69%. Passing CTA is the best feeling ever. I cannot tell how much I checked my results to confirm I had passed. I thank CA Campus lecturers and God for helping me through this journey. #CACampusisthebest

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Chimuka Tawanda

Firstly, I feel very privileged and grateful for the support and recognition I received as CA Campus bursary student.

Having completed my undergrad on a high note (Cum Laude), scoring as high as 98% in third year, I was tempted to think CTA was going to be an easy task. I attempted Level 2 straight from undergrad and quickly realised how demanding it is. The struggle was real. I remember losing hope as early as Test 1. My Test 1 results were shocking, scoring as low as 20%. Sara (being my mentor) emphasized that I take it as a guide and re-strategise. I started following the CA Campus comprehensive study plan and everything started going well.

You realise IFRS 3 (Business Combinations) is a big jump from undergrad. Financial instruments and Share Based Payments are quite technical and challenging from the jargon and arithmetic side. You watch Bianca’s video lectures and study her detailed notes and everything starts making sense!!

You find TAX has lots of information and you can’t navigate the Legislation. Roulon makes it simple and interesting!

You start wondering why you bought Drury and Managerial Finance because every detail is in Sara’s notes and her tutorials are amazing.

You find you only need the ‘soft spoken’ Candice to help you with the technical application controls, substantive procedures, examination technique, question analysis etc. Tricky Auditing became a guaranteed pass throughout the year.

Thank you CA Campus, without you, I had no hope of passing CTA Level 2 first attempt. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to successfully complete CTA.

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Mmuso Nathane

At the beginning of 2016, I was accepted into CTA level 2. I had taken a 6-month break after completing my degree in 2015. I knew that I would benefit from the support of online classes and decided on CA campus as I had previously been taught by Roulon, Sara and Candice in undergrad and knew that they would be the best people to guide me in the right direction.

My first attempt at CTA in 2016 was the most difficult time of my life, I was met with constant challenges, and saw so many gaps in my knowledge I would have to resolve if I was to be successful. When the 2016 results resulted in a failure I felt like giving up – I emailed Sara (after crying buckets of tears) and she said: “You don’t give up on your dreams. You can do this. We will help you.” The encouragement from Sara, my husband and friends opened up my eyes and made me realize that I would have to “double-down” if I were to be successful.

I registered with Unisa and started revising my material constantly every week. I had a schedule: MAC Mondays, FAC Tuesdays and Wednesdays, TAX Thursdays and AUE on Friday. I reserved my weekends for tutorials and marking.

I saw my marks almost double for management accounting in my second attempt and this was attributable to my attitude adjustment and the knowledge of having such kind supportive lecturers who believed in me.

I would like to thank all the CA Campus lecturers:

Sara: You are more than a MAC BOSS. You are kind, supportive, your belief in your students is your biggest asset.
Roulon: TAX Master – Your material should be a book on its own, you really make tax simple.
Candice:  AUE and Exam Technique guru. Your simple approach to exam technique has been so helpful passing CTA
Bianca: FAC Genius – Revision sheets are still on my bedside table.

I would really encourage anybody to give the CA campus programme a try. You get everything you need to be successful.

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Tyrone Joubert

I would like to thank you all from the bottom my heart for all you did for me this year. Words just cannot describe how I feel right now.

I still can’t believe I passed CTA level 2. As a repeat student, CA Campus challenged every bit of conventional knowledge I had on how to approach CTA. Everyone always tells you to do as many questions as you can. That was precisely what I did all the previous years I attempted CTA and it never seemed to work.

I started my CTA journey in 2014:

  • In 2014 I dismally failed 2 and supped 3 (CTA Level 1).
  • In 2015 I supped 4 and failed 1 but benefitted from Unisa concession which allowed students to progress to CTA Level 2 regardless of whether they completed CTA Level 1.
  • In 2016 I passed 2, supped 2 and failed 1.

For all prior years (2014 – 2016) I worked with other service providers which shall remain nameless.

This time of the year is usually the time I am sad, down and confused as to why I failed as I could never fault myself on effort and hours put in towards studying. But when I came to CA Campus it was like I was in a dark room all these years and suddenly someone had switched on the lights.

MAC from Test 1 onwards – my year marks improved 30-40%. MAC was my worst subject ever – but with Sara I never failed one test. I was averaging 60% across the board for all subjects. After Test 1, I decided to throw my strategy of studying from questions completely out of the window.

I started trusting the CA Campus approach: This decision was the game changer in my CTA year. This year for the exam I did a handful of case study questions for each subject and focussed the majority of my time understanding the principles for each subject. The notes were detailed for each subject and based on SAICA’s examinable pronouncements which ensured that we covered the work in the detail required.

For all my tests and exams I never saw any foreign concepts as we covered the syllabus from wall to wall.

What helped me greatly:

  • Tax: We literally studied from the legislation and it became so easy to understand the language in the Act that you take into the exams.
  • Auditing: Candice literally taught us how to use our standards coupled with highlighting important sections – in exams I nailed auditing because I knew how to use my books.
  • Financial Accounting: The question pack with detailed examples we received was very useful for exam preparation coupled with detailed theory explanations guiding you through the standards.
  • Management Accounting: My word!!! I could not believe that whenever I got stuck on a question I could literally refer back to my CA Campus notes, solve the problem and when I compared to the Unisa memo my attempts were spot on.

I can honestly say – if I never signed up with CA Campus, I would have never passed. My confidence is so high, thanks to these amazing lecturers. Hands down my best educational experience including 5 years of studying at UCT. Top, top lecturers who are passionate about their students.

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Nobantu Nxumalo

Having failed my 1st attempt at UJ the fighting spirit in me wasn’t going to call it quits. I knew I needed a change of environment. So I enrolled to study at Unisa & I was referred to CA Campus by my friends as I knew I needed to understand the Unisa approach & their way of testing. Not only was 2017 bittersweet for me but IT WAS WORTH IT!! From all the late nights/mornings, bugging my dad to buy me data in order to watch lectures, mood swings, highs & lows of test marks… Today I can say I’m a CTA holder. Thank you to all our CA Campus lecturers. Thank you for adding value & substance to our academic careers. So NEVER GIVE UP COME WHAT MAY! Stay faithful to the journey & trust the process.

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Karlien Botha

I would HIGHLY recommend CA Campus to anyone. I went from barely passing the tests to passing my exams with flying colours (I got 80% for an audit exam!!!) and I only did the revision course, imagine what I could have achieved if I did the full course!

Thank you, CA Campus, for helping me make my dream come true! Keep helping students to do this!

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Tharien Botha

I would definitely recommend CA Campus for anyone who wants to pass CTA. I came across the Revision Course and decided to give it a try. Without CA Campus I couldn’t have done it (no doubt).

I passed it on the first attempt. These lecturers are brilliant in what they do and I couldn’t thank them enough.

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Judith Loubser

CA Campus was a very big part of the reason why I passed CTA Level 2. Their excellent study material and prescribed timetable took me step by step through all the modules. Sara is a MAC queen, nothing more to be said there. She has a fantastic way of making sense of the subject.

In this emotional journey it was incredible to have Roulon and the other lecturers just an email away for not only the academic questions but also for motivation and pick me ups I needed.

I can highly recommend CA Campus!

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Nicole Hibbert

Last year I decided to undertake the mammoth task of studying CTA level 1 after not studying for 7 years. I registered with CA Campus after a friend (who is also a lecturer) recommended them to me. Although I was overwhelmed several times during the year, the CA Campus lecturers always took me back to basics and reassured me through the online lectures that I was capable of this. The lectures are detailed and the notes fantastic and I did not once believe that this was a bad decision. When it came to my results I was blown away and am looking forward to registering with CA Campus in 2018 to do my level 2. I thank all of the CA Campus lecturers for getting me through this!

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Nina Rodrigues

Since my undergraduate days I’ve never been a natural at management accounting. In fact, it was often a module I would try to skim through because, to me, it felt like every example was so different and I was never able to understand every eventuality. Little did I know, once at a CTA level, there would be nowhere to hide.

I did CTA1 through UNISA in 2015 and had no classes or extra booster material to rely on throughout the year. I had always been accustomed to doing it all myself. I struggled to keep up with the demands of financial accounting, taxation and auditing while trying to spend double the amount of time on management accounting as I just didn’t seem to “get it”. Not once during the year did I achieve a test mark above 50% for management accounting.

Thankfully, I managed to scrape through in my final exam but I promised myself that I would not go through the same stress in CTA2 if I could find a lecturer capable of assisting me with management accounting.

I searched far and wide and had nearly given up when a colleague had raved to me about Sara Du Toit at CA Campus. I had never heard of them but had decided to check it out. Luckily for me, they offered a free trial week during January 2016 and after listening to a few online lectures I was sure that this was going to work for me. I signed up shortly after and the rest, as they say, is history.

I began listening to all Sara’s online classes and it improved my understanding of what management accounting was truly about. Not only is Sara’s course material brilliant but the amount of questions covered by her at a CTA level is the real key – you get to see how to apply your knowledge to maximize marks. For every single test of 2016, I had got over 50% for management accounting. Yes, not distinction status but to me, 51% for management accounting was overachieving. I was able to focus on all 5 modules more equally during 2016 and that showed in my overall test results.

I passed my final exams and I am now registered to write ITC! It was incredibly hard work but if you want it, and I mean truly want it, you can conquer this beast.

Sara was able to inspire the uninspired and that for me was the real achievement. She is a wonderful lecturer and I can only thank my lucky stars that the only slot available all those years ago was as management accounting lecturer – you were born to do it!!!

Once again, a big thank you. Could not have done it without you.

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Nokuthula Dlamini

My name is Nokuthula Dlamini, I am a woman from Swaziland. I started my CTA journey in 2012. I registered for the bridging course in 2012 since my degree was from the University of Swaziland (not SAICA accredited). I passed first time.

In 2013 I registered for CTA L1 and failed. In 2014 I failed management accounting only and wanted to give up, but was encouraged to try one last time. The last time proved fruitful as I managed to pass all and my highest mark was management accounting.

In 2016, I saw an advert on the Ca Campus website that they were offering 10 bursaries. I applied and was awarded the bursary for online classes. 2016 was a great year for me because I passed L2 on my first attempt.

This was my experience with CA Campus:

  • Their website is reliable. There was hardly a time when you will not be able to access the study material and videos because the website is down. It is very reliable.
  • The lectures know their stuff (hats off). Concepts are explained so clearly. I would carry the ISAs just for comfort. They idea is to make you comfortable with the CTA syllabus such that you don’t need back up when going for an exam.
  • One thing that stands out is they follow up on their students. I remember after test 1, I had hectic deadlines at work was not logging on for my studies, they sent an email reminding me of the importance of studying.
  • The support I got is enormous. I know without a doubt that without their support and cheerleading I would not have made it.

If you looking for a place to help with your studies, CA Campus is the place!

NB: One still needs to study and go through the videos. There’s no magic, you still need to study.

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Nyasha Rugara

CTA was a very challenging journey and I will forever be grateful to CA campus for all the lecturers support and dedication. It helped me pass CTA (exceptionally well) whilst studying part time.

The major constraint that l faced during the year was time, as l could only study in the evenings and weekends. It is quite difficult to teach yourself new principles, revise and feel comfortable enough to write a test. CA Campus helped me in getting through the first part: understanding principles faster through the video lectures, detailed notes and tutorials. I then had more time to revise.

The following items were outstanding for me:

  • l could watch the videos any anytime, anywhere and as many times as l wanted to. The video lectures gave me an advantage of learning at my own pace as l could pause and repeat until l understood.
  • CA campus provided me with a framework that l used to plan for my studies. lt helped me remain on track, and normally gave me extra days to revise before the tests
  • The lecturers always responded to emails on time.
  • The lectures followed up on my progress. I had a team at my back.
  • The lecturers are young, vibrant & passionate. I always looked forward to the lectures, you can never sleep while watching the videos.
  • Unique teaching style, clear explanations, detailed notes, additional material e.g. old and new ISAs (highlighted) and examples for almost everything. I never knew the importance of examinable pronouncements, until l joined CA Campus, it helped me focus on the most important stuff.
  • The tutorials were UNISA past questions and the lecturers gave us an approach to use when reading the scenario and answering questions.

CA Campus is the best place you want to be for support classes. You can never go wrong with their study material. Definitely not a waste of time & money, you get value from every single lecture. All you have to do is give the lecturers a chance to guide you, if you follow their advice you will make it. I salute all the lecturers, they are the best, thank you for the awesome year. It is possible to pass CTA with brilliant results when you have the right team and attitude. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to successfully complete CTA.

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Ruan Smit

At the beginning of 2016 I was accepted for CTA level 2. I had come straight from undergrad and had very little idea just how tough it would be to make the jump into the one year CTA program. All I knew was that I was only going to do this once.

I looked around and weighed up the various CTA courses, but after attending the CA Campus information evening I was sure that this would be the right fit for this mountain that is called CTA.

CA Campus provides well thought through study material and a lecture structure that is definitely the best foundation for any course. The lecture material is detailed and the weekly tutorials are well presented and will make sure you understand the work in preparation for the tests.

The lecturers are brilliant, not only do they know their respective subjects exceptionally well but their experience in lecturing at this level is of great value as they impart their knowledge of how UNISA structures their tests and exams and how they may be tested.

The lecturers are further very supportive and quick to assist with any questions in all the detail that you may need.

Passing CTA is definitely no easy feat and I would never have been able to have passed CTA level 2 on the first attempt if it was not for their lectures, guidance and a lot of hard work.

If you follow their study programme and put in the hours you can definitely not go wrong.

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Angeline Schonknecht

While the CTA program can be challenging, having online lectures, where you can pause, rewind and replay to your needs, makes doing CTA easier and more enjoyable.

Lecturers are hands on and focused on your progress and success.

I highly recommend CA Campus to any student serious about passing CTA.

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Jaylene Naidoo

I am full time employee, wife and mother and I passed CTA level 2 for the first time with the support of CA Campus.

CA Campus created an environment of learning by understanding the needs of their students. The lectures and lecture notes were very stimulating and got to the core learning objectives of the subjects.

I want to thank Sara, Roulon and Candice for their passion in teaching and sharing their knowledge with us, it’s as though they had a personal vested interest in me passing ?

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Liron Leiboff

It was an extremely daunting task attempting CTA level 2 coming straight from undergrad. I thought long and hard about which extra tuition service provider would aid my studies in the best and most efficient way, and settled on CA Campus. The calibre and experience of the lecturers at CA Campus, coupled with their amazing online offering is unrivalled in the industry. I am pleased to say that I passed all my subjects, and am forever grateful to the CA Campus team for a successful 2016. I highly recommend CA Campus for those students who wish to beat the CTA demon first time!

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Irene Singo

I had registered for part time classes in the evenings at one of the tuition providers. My days at work are never structured, so I missed more than 50 percent of the classes. I was always behind and not ready for tests. One night when I was desperate to learn something for test two, I searched the topic I was looking for on Youtube and found a VAT tutorial done by Roulon (a lecturer at CA Campus). I knew that is what I needed. I followed up and that is when I learned that I can get the classes online. It was midyear already.

What I like about the e-learning platform is that I can always go back again and again until I understand the topic. One can be in class but not present depending on how the day went, so I benefitted a lot by going back to the recorded material. The material is comprehensive and focuses on principles. Tutorials are also helpful as marking self is never an easy task when reasons are not clear for not achieving masks. The lecturers are great with a lot of passion.

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Thandazile Manjingolo

You have been really helpful with my studies, and have provided a great deal of help and support throughout the year. The added advantage with this team is that you are not only knowledgeable but full of passion and a genuine desire to see us doing well and progressing in our studies.

You have a wealth of experience and are not just experts in the subjects but you’re able to transfer the knowledge, which if applied as recommended can be a great deal of help in tackling CTA. I would recommend you any day….

Thank you for everything!!! 🙂

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Astrid O’ Callaghan

Thank you to CA Campus for making my dream to become a CA even more reachable.

CA Campus is equipped with all the necessary tools for any student to pass CTA on their first attempt. CA Campus made it possible for me, a married full time employee, to pass CTA1 and CTA2 on my first attempt.

Their lecturers are extremely good and their exam tips something worth listening to. Not only did I love their lectures, but many times their motivational quotes and inspirational demeanor made me push harder when I wanted to give up. We all need that person in our corner that understands what we are going through during our CTA year and CA Campus is the best war buddy I could have asked for.

Keep doing what you do best for the new and upcoming CA’s!!!


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Christelle Bronkhorst

In my opinion, CA Campus (previously known as CA Academy) was the best for me! I learned a lot from each subject and my marks has drastically increased!

All the lectures are brilliant in what they teach, if it wasn’t for them I would not have performed so much better this year! I wish they had this previous year, I would have definitely joined them from day one!

I knew Candice & Roulon from previous year of studies, they were excellent!

Most of my friends suggested me to go to CA Campus, and also mentioned how brilliant Sara Du Toit is in Management Accounting!

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Kekgotleletse Lebopo

My journey with CTA started in 2014 and that year I passed only 1 module, had 3 supps and failed 1. That’s when I knew I needed a change if I was ever going to pass CTA.

So came 2015 and I repeated my CTA Level 1 and this time I decided to join CA Campus with their online programme. It was their first time offering the programme and even today it was the best decision and investment I have ever made, one that has changed my life. I am sure by now you know I passed my CTA Level 1 in 2015 and also registered with them again in 2016 for my Level 2 and the same outcome. Well passing was always a guarantee with these guys and let me explain why and what makes them so special.

TAX, well you will never ever find a better tax lecturer than Roulon and if you don’t fall in love with tax after registering with CA Campus I just don’t know. This guy changed my life and it started to reflect in my performance. In both years that I registered with CA Campus my year mark was never below 75%. He is by far the best lecturer I have ever had.

MAC, it is an open secret that it is by far the most challenging module you will ever do at CTA and guess what you are in safe hands. Just google the name Sara du Toit or even better check some of the sample videos on their website and you will know what am talking about. This lady is just in a league of her own. She has no competition and by far the most complete lecturer you will ever find. Even the stats speak volumes. In 2014 when I did my CTA Level 1 on my own I never passed a single test let alone the exams but ever since joining CA Campus I managed to pass MAC4861 and MAC4862.

AUE, that was the module I failed so badly in 2014 and which personally I feared the most. I used to console myself that maybe it was because am not in an auditing environment as what am doing at my work place doesn’t assist me to relate. But then came Candice, she had the perfect formula for auditing. I remember her first online tutorial and she just blew me away by just explaining exam technique and ever since then Auditing started to make sense and I did exactly what she said and just like any maths equation my auditing started to balance.

FAC, do not underestimate this module as it has shown that it can be a silent killer. CA Campus just recruited a new lecture who was a previous lecturer at UNISA which will work best to your advantage.

Lastly, if you really want to succeed with your CTA the other 50% is all about you. One of the things that worked for me is that I stuck with the programme, every single week I made sure I did the work they assigned us and most importantly I watched the lectures and tutorials and yes I was doing it part time as I had a full time job.


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